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James Dyson

James Dyson – the designer at work. (

“Great inventions,” said Sir James Dyson in an interview last month with The Silicon Republic, “are born of frustration with a desire to use the tools around you to improve and invent.” That was exactly the genesis of Dyson’s most famous invention, the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner. He noticed how his Hoover became less effective as it filled up and got clogged. The real frustration came, however, when his new design was rejected by manufacturer after manufacturer. So he went out and started his own company, whose sales eventually overtook many of those who rejected his idea. Dyson’s other inventions include the Sea Truck, a student project he designed at the Royal College of Art for a fiberglass boat that can land where there are no piers or harbors; a Ballbarrow, a wheelbarrow that uses a ball instead of wheels; and the Dyson Airblade, a fast hand dryer.

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By Paul Hechinger