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Richard Nicoll

Kylie Minogue performing in Richard Nicoll at the Diamond Jubilee Concert (Ian West/PA); Florence Welch in Richard Nicoll at the 2010 Q Awards (AP Photo/Yui Mo)

Who is he?: A London-born Aussie who brings modern elegance to his retro-inspired designs.
Flair: Minimalist glamour + flirty fabrics = effortless femininity.
Technique: Clean lines and geometric precision.
Inspiration: “I am always more influenced by music than fashion for my collections now: the 90’s grunge culture and that side angle where people like Morrissey were doing their thing. I guess that sexual ambiguity was an influence too.” (Harper’s Bazaar)
Signature Piece: Oversized t-shirt dress.
Seen on: Kylie Minogue, Florence Welch, Kate Bosworth.
Off the Runway: Fred Perry, ShopStyle.

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