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Avid viewers of British television know all too well that there’s a lot of overlap between actors and their projects. Turn on any episode of Doctor Who and you’re almost guaranteed to blurt out, “Oh hey, it’s that guy!” at least once.

Keen observers have noted the many crossovers between Merlin and Doctor Who. So far, both shows have featured 37 actors who have appeared on both programs. These are five of our favorite stars from Merlin who have also crossed paths with the Doctor at one time or another.

Colin Morgan

Shortly before he began his journey to Camelot, Colin Morgan found himself broken down—IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!—in Doctor Who’s “Midnight.” The Irish actor played an angsty space-emo named Jethro opposite David Tennant. Check out Morgan’s video diary for a behind the scenes look at the making of the episode:

Eve Myles

Torchwood star Eve Myles was the first of many guest actors to appear in Merlin. Myles played a songstress named Lady Helen who gets possessed by an evil witch in the first episode of the series.

Before assuming her role as Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, Myles also appeared in the Doctor Who episode, “The Unquiet Dead.” 

Richard Wilson

British television veteran Richard Wilson stars in Merlin as Gaius, Camelot’s court physician and Merlin’s mentor. In 2005, Wilson appeared opposite Christopher Eccleston in the Doctor Who episodes, “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances” as Dr. Constantine.

Michelle Ryan

Playing strong, formidable female characters seems to be Michelle Ryan’s calling card. In 2009, Ryan matched wits with the Doctor as guest companion Lady Christina in the Doctor Who Easter Special, “Planet of the Dead.”

In season one of Merlin, Ryan squared off with the young warlock as the powerful sorceress, Nimueh.

Anthony Head

Buffy fans may know him best as the mild-mannered school librarian-turned-magic shop owner, Giles, but Anthony Head does a complete 180 with his roles in Merlin and Doctor Who. Head stars as Uther Pendragon in Merlin, the ruthless King of Camelot who’s hell-bent on ridding the land of all magic. Head also played the Big Bad in Doctor Who’s “School Reunion.” 

Noticed any other actors who have popped up in both Merlin and Doctor Who? See how many you can come up with in the comments:

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By Karen Ho