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Photos: London Games Opening Ceremony

Photos: Celebrity Olympic Torchbearers… It’s the Final Stretch!

Wow, the day is finally here! The Olympic torch started its adventure in Land’s End, Cornwall, making its way to the four corners of the United Kingdon, landing in East London at the Olympic Stadium this evening (July 27) at …

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Creator Shonda Rhimes: I Want to Live in a TARDIS

Shonda Rhimes has created two long-running series about doctors (small ‘d’), Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. But in this week’s Doctor Who cover story in Entertainment Weekly (on stands Friday, July 27), the …

#NewToWho: How I Discovered ‘Doctor Who,’ Time Travel And Sofa Picnics

The appearance of Matt Smith on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly will probably introduce a lot of people to Doctor Who for the first time. And that’s quite a heady thought, imagining someone settling down to a …

WATCH: Chris Hardwick on His ‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay, Getting to Know the Cast

The Nerdist host Chris Hardwick, the ultimate celebrity Whovian, chatted with us on San Diego Comic-Con’s red carpet about all things Doctor Who, including his cosplay adventures as David Tennant‘s Doctor. Chris has …

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Cheetah People

I wonder if it’s possible to populate an entire zoo with science-fiction monsters who have the heads of Earth animals. You’d have the Judoon in the rhino enclosure, Planet of the Apes over in the monkey house, Admiral Ackbar …

WATCH: Olympic Torch Gets Royal Treatment

On the last day of its 8,000-mile journey all around Britain, the Olympic torch traveled on the Thames aboard the Queen’s royal rowbarge, the Gloriana, powered by 16 oarsmen. The Gloriana led the flotilla during the Diamond Jubilee …

Danny Boyle: Olympic Ceremony Will Be Picture of Britain as a Nation

Just as Olympic athletes go for the gold, so the producers of the Olympics opening ceremony go for the spectacle. Big is better. There’s safety in numbers. Wow ‘em, wow ‘em and wow ‘em.

Mitt Romney Sparks Olympic-Sized Controversy in London

While Mitt Romney isn’t running for anything in Britain, today he’s running from something – namely, his own comments about the Olympics.

Five Ways London Has Changed for the Olympics

While it is quite an honor to host the 2012 Olympics, it sounds like some Londoners are biting their nails over what’s to come.