‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay Addendum: Katy Perry Dresses Like A Dalek

(Rex Features via AP Images)

The essence of good cosplay is getting the spirit of the thing or person you are dressing up as, and have a lot of fun, rather than painstaking accuracy, a bad back, and sore fingers from excessive gluing. So don’t be scared of deviating from the script now and again.

Here, as you can see, is a rather fine example. Rather than bother with the skirt and plunger of being a dalek, or even paint herself battleship grey, for her 2011 tour the pop star Katy Perry elected to represent Dalek-icity by having big glitterblobs stuck to her swimsuit. The blue hair is clearly a reference to the Dalek’s blue eye, and she has a headset microphone, in order to spit “EXTERMINATE!” into  a ring modulator (not pictured).

The unimpressed purple fellow behind her is clearly more of a stickler for detail, however. He has, after all, gone to the trouble of sourcing a female Chewbacca costume – if Chewbacca had been designed by Dr Seuss – complete with ribbon in her hair and immaculate purple fur. He’s walking past Katy thinking “cuh! She can’t even do the arms right. Everyone knows they point forwards. And where’s the ventilaton grill and eye-stalk? SOME PEOPLE…”

But it’s OK, Katy’s just being herself. And a Dalek. At the same time. What, I ask is so very wrong with that?

Note: that’s a rhetorical question. Please don’t actually tell us.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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