‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Creator Shonda Rhimes: I Want to Live in a TARDIS

Shonda Rhimes, TV mogul and celebrity Whovian. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision for The Producers Guild)

Shonda Rhimes has created two long-running series about doctors (small ‘d’), Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. But in this week’s Doctor Who cover story in Entertainment Weekly (on stands Friday, July 27), the TV mogul has voiced her devotion to the Doctor. Except this one packs a sonic screwdriver instead of a scalpel.

Yes, Ms. Rhimes is a Whovian, calling herself a “psychotic” fan of the popular British time-travel series. This should come as no surprise to Who viewers: a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy centered around a stolen TARDIS replica.

She told EW: “I’m not even a giant sci-fi watcher. I’ve never even seen an episode of Star Trek. But if you’re at all interested in television that’s taking chances, you like [Doctor Who].”

Rhimes so loves the current incarnation of Who that she tried to snag departing star Karen Gillan for a “top secret project,” but Gillan’s film schedule — she’s shooting two films, Not Another Happy Ending and Oculus — proved prohibitive.

But that’s not going to stop Rhimes from expressing her fandom in other ways: “I keep trying to figure out a way to build a TARDIS in my house,” she says, “and live in it.”

Hmmm, we just might know some people who can assist in that quest

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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