Great Scott! It’s A TARDIS! (Part 2)

Hello again, GSIAT! fans, here’s the second installment in our not-remotely-regular roundup of police boxes spotted in actual locations, and not just for the benefit of at TV crew.

This green police box, located in Sheffield, has become a local landmark, surviving numerous attempts to phase it out. There’s been a box on this site – Surrey Street, opposite the town hall – since 1928, although almost all of the 120 other police boxes dotted around the city have long gone. It was originally blue, as you’d expect.

Delightfully, despite the police abandoning it in the 1960s, this box seems to still be in use for ‘city centre ambassadors’ as a place to pause, get themselves together, store bags and whatnot.

And, oddly, it still really looks like a TARDIS, albeit one used by the kind of Time Lord that enjoys a day on the beach.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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