Comic-Con: ‘Doctor Who’ EP Caroline Skinner Meets Fans, Sketches Dalek

‘Doctor Who’ executive producer Caroline Skinner, also known as “Caro.”

Over the years, Doctor Who fans have become well-acquainted with stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and lead writer/executive producer Steven Moffat. But this year’s San Diego Comic-Con has offered many American Whovians their first chance to press the flesh with new executive producer Caroline Skinner (whose first Who work we saw in the 2011 Christmas special). The former EP of the BAFTA-winning The Fades turned up at BBC America’s booth today (July 14) for a signing, and she immediately showed off her skills with a Sharpie with her sketch of a Dalek on the signing table.

She also caught up with Nerdist host Chris Hardwick, who was wearing his best No. 10 duds:

Caro Skinner with Nerdist host Chris Hardwick. (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)

Here are a few other snaps:

Caro Skinner. (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)

Caro Skinner (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)

Caro Skinner (Photo by Dave Gustav Anderson)

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