WATCH: New ‘Judge Dredd’ Trailer

The trailer for Dredd, the second stab at a movie based on the British comic book character Judge Dredd, has arrived, and it appears to be aiming squarely at the crossover point between Blade Runner and Die Hard. The film stars Karl Urban as the cold, law-obsessed futurecop, fighting a drug cartel based in a tower block.

The script comes from Alex Garland, who wrote 28 Days Later and The Beach, and appears to be a more faithful approximation of the distopic Mega City Four than had appeared in the frankly silly Sly Stallone version from the ’90s.

One point though, the drug Slow-Mo that they’re attempting to eradicate, that’s eerily similar to the drug cake, as it appears in the spoof news show (pre-dating the Onion by several years) Brass Eye. Chris Morris, the prankster genius behind the show, convinced a bunch of British celebs to get behind a campaign to stamp out the evil (and very fake) drug, which, as you’ll see, stimulates the part of the brain called Shatner’s Bassoon…

(NSFW, but worth it)

Take care, and I really do mean take care.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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