The Brit List: Top 10 Asha Leo Celebrity Encounters

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BBC America’s Brit List specials — in which the likes of John Barrowman and Katy Brand discuss the virtues of the UK’s rich and famous — kick off next week with The 20 Sexiest on Tuesday, June 12 at 10/9c. Brit List host Asha Leo is no stranger to the flashbulbs of the red carpet herself: as one of Anglophenia’s Brit List correspondents, she’s chatted it up with everyone from George Clooney to Daniel Radcliffe. Let’s look back at Asha’s top 10 close encounters of the celebrity kind:

1. George Clooney urging her to put on her coat

2. Damian Lewis explaining his acting technique on Homeland

3. Daniel Radcliffe on the success of The Woman in Black

4. Idris Elba during the weekend he won his Golden Globe

5. Viola Davis producing a box of chocolates from her handbag at the BAFTAs

6. Chris “Thor” Hemsworth radiating testosterone

7. Steve McQueen comparing Michael Fassbender to David Bowie

8. Getting saucy with Octavia Spencer

9. Chloë Moretz on how she fooled Martin Scorsese with a fake British accent

10. Getting UK music sensation Beth Jeans Houghton to reveal the song she wrote while on the toilet

Which is your favorite moment? Tell us below:

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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