Muse Unveil Dramatic New Olympic Song ‘Survival’

Things which Muse always bring to a song:

1: Enormity

2: Hysteria

3: Preposterousness

Things which Muse often forget to bring to a song:

1: Subtlety

2: Perspective

3: Hugs

So of course they’re the perfect band to have come up with the offical song of the London Olympics.

It’s called “Survival,” and just like all sporting events of this nature, it takes itself rather seriously and is riddled with delusions of grandeur. Here, have a listen.

(Oh and if you feel yourself wanting to giggle at the ridiculousness of it all, you go right ahead. I did, and so did thousands like me)

Note: our legal department would like me to point out that there are no grounds to question the safety of any athlete competing in the Olympics. The very minimum they can expect from their trip to London is that they will “survive” it, barring any unforeseen accident or unfortunate happenstance, which could just as easily occur in their own home country. In emphasising the survival ability (or otherwise) of an competitor in the Olympic Games, Muse have, wittingly or not, created the impression that there is some kind of life or death struggle taking place, when in reality the event is largely dominated by people running around, throwing stuff, jumping over things, swimming, riding horses etc.

Happy to clear that up.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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