Finally! An Alan Partridge Movie

Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge

The last couple of years have seen a glorious return from one of British comedy’s most cherished characters. Alan Partridge, played with oily glee by Steve Coogan, has released an autobiography, appeared in a series of web-only comedy shorts, from the studios of his North Norfolk Digital radio station, and even had a slot in the recent Comic Relief Red Nose extravaganza, in which he had a nose-bleed and sneezed on a nun.

And now it seems Alan will be taking the next step up, appearing in his own movie. But it won’t be a glossy action adventure epic, in which dark armies arrive to attack our hero. Speaking at the BAFTA screening of Veep, Alan’s co-creator Armando Iannucci pointed out that it would be strange to try and put him into an extreme situation, given how restricted his horizons are: “Alan is in Norwich. It’s not ‘Alan goes to Hollywood'; it’s not ‘Alan invaded by aliens’ or anything like that. He’s on North Norfolk Digital, which is taken over by a bigger media conglomerate and has its name changed to Shape. And that kicks everything off.”

And if you think that doesn’t sound too startling as a jump-off point for a film, here’s a (NSFW) clip from a recent Mid-Morning Matters, in which we see just how well Alan can take a harmless gag:

See what I mean? We don’t need much more than a miffed Alan to make the magic happen.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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