‘Doctor Who’ is ‘Perfect’ TV, Say ‘Brit List’ Stars

Matt Smith in 'Doctor Who'

Doctor Who gets some love in BBC America’s new Asha Leo-hosted Brit List special, 20 Coolest, which premieres tomorrow (June 19) at 10/9c. We can reveal that the nearly half-century old series is No. 4 on the “British cool” list. (Setting the bar pretty high, aren’t we, Brit List? That top three had better be GARGANTUAN!)

Watch as John Barrowman, Giles Coren, Whitney Matheson, and the other talking heads sing the praises of the Whoniverse in this exclusive sneak peek. “Doctor Who is the acceptable face of being a geek,” quips comedian Charlie Baker. “It’s like the gateway drug to geekdom.”

What’s the coolest thing about Doctor Who? Tell us below:

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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