Monthly Archives: June 2012

Adele: I’m Expecting My First Child

Adele‘s 2012 has been jam-packed with awards and milestones – six Grammys, a Billboard award, the record-breaking sales of her sophomore album 21, and her inclusion on Time Magazine’s “most influential …

‘Richard Hammond’s Crash Course’ to Begin Filming Season Two

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond is returning for the second season of Crash Course, which begins filming next week in Texas. The new eight-episode, 60-minute season, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions for BBC America, will land Hammond …

Captain Kirk: “Benedict Cumberbatch Is Fascinating”

Star Trek star Chris Pine has revealed his deep glee at working with Benedict Cumberbatch on the – as yet untitled – new Trek movie, singling him out for particular praise for bringing a sense of lurking intellect to his role as …

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Sontarans

Some of the most enduring monsters from all of science fiction are the ones that can be most easily parodied in a schoolyard situation. Want to be a Dalek?

Royal Roundup: Historic Handshake for Her Majesty

There will surely be tens of thousands, or more, news photographs of the Queen this Jubilee year, but none is likely to be as historically significant as the much-heralded photograph of the monarch shaking hands with former Irish …

NBC’s London Coverage Takes A Walk Down Abbey Road

It seems to be the week for slightly odd teaser trailers. After the Mumford and Sons oddness yesterday, today we’ve seen NBC’s promo photos for their London Games coverage, which takes the cover of the Beatles album …

‘Downton’ Roundup: Watch First Clip of Shirley MacLaine at the ‘Abbey’

Hold tight, Downton Abbey fans. There’s just another six months to go until Season 3 begins airing on PBS in early 2013. (Or one could travel to England, where Season 3 starts showing on ITV this fall.)

WATCH: ‘Spider-Man’ Andrew Garfield Recalls His ‘Doctor Who’ Past

Long before he slithered into that Lycra suit, Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield caught the attention of Doctor Who fans with his appearances in two episodes back in 2007. And the soon-to-be household name recently spoke to …

Top Gear Thursday: Drive, He Said

No one’s ever called Jeremy Clarkson boring. But how long does it take for Jezza himself to become bored, and, specifically, how long does it take him to become bored while he’s behind the wheel of a car?

WATCH: Andrew Garfield on Playing an American Icon in ‘Spider-Man’

Andrew Garfield faced many challenges in playing Spider-Man, including proving that as a Brit he was capable of giving an authentic representation of a truly American superhero.