Monthly Archives: June 2012

Adele: I’m Expecting My First Child

Adele‘s 2012 has been jam-packed with awards and milestones – six Grammys, a Billboard award, the record-breaking sales of her sophomore album 21, and her inclusion on Time Magazine’s “most influential …

Royal Roundup: Historic Handshake for Her Majesty

There will surely be tens of thousands, or more, news photographs of the Queen this Jubilee year, but none is likely to be as historically significant as the much-heralded photograph of the monarch shaking hands with former Irish …

Top Gear Thursday: Drive, He Said

No one’s ever called Jeremy Clarkson boring. But how long does it take for Jezza himself to become bored, and, specifically, how long does it take him to become bored while he’s behind the wheel of a car?