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Radiohead, remixed.

Radiohead fans, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Man I just love me some Radiohead. I just love that stuff. But I’m concerned that I listened to those albums too much. So much so, in fact, that there is very little in the way of new information I can get from them. It’s all diminishing returns from here on in, and this is a worry.”

And then you’re thinking “I wonder if  there’s a way of re-rendering those songs into a new sound format, one which retains all the useful musical information, but which shreds the audio fidelity, so that it is like listening to a comfortingly familiar form of entirely new music.”

And then, you’re probably concluding “it would be great if someone had taken the time to render my band’s best music into, I dunno, something like 8-bit video game sound. That would… well it’s not ROCK, exactly… but it would certainly serve a useful purpose for me, being the kind of obsessive fan I am.”

Well you can relax (or relax as much as is possible for a Radiohead fan), help is at hand. The YouTuber has been painstakingly rendering full Radiohead albums as 8-bit masterpieces, starting with their ‘digital traitors’ masterwork, “Kid A,” back in April:

And this week came the magnum opus, “OK Computer”

I just hope you’re happy now.

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By Fraser McAlpine