Tom Jones and Rob Brydon

When your career is as long and chequered as that of Tom Jones, any idea for a promotional push is very welcome, especially one that comes from a comedian enjoying a hot streak.

So well done Gavin & Stacey’s Rob Brydon, for coming up with this promotional push for Tom’s new album, the name of which escapes me. I’m sure one of them will mention it in a minute:

Note: I appreciate that palm-reading is something of a hot potato for both rationalists and fundamentalists of all stripes, so can I just state, for whatever record you may wish to keep of this moment, that Anglophenia remains firmly agnostic on all manner of made-up hooey, even when it’s pretend made-up hooey for comedy purposes. This is part of our cheery live-and-let-live attitude, and non-negotiable.


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By Fraser McAlpine