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It may have started with Cats That Look Like Hitler, Lesbians That Look Like Justin Bieber or even the classic Vegetables That Look Like Genitals, but the internet meme that simply will not die is the one where images of famous people are juxtaposed with images of things which resemble them.

Recently we’ve had a spate of them, with famous soccer players getting compared to dogs, girls getting compared to Skrillex and David Mitchell getting compared to a pending supreme court judge. So here are a selection of recent hits, some better than others:

Red Scharlach’s Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch

Buzzfeed’s 15 Orang-Utans That Looks Like Boris Johnson (the newly re-elected mayor of London)

Buzzfeed’s Owls That Look Like Roy Hodgeson (the current manager of the England soccer team).

And even highbrow political magazine the New Statesman has decided to have a bash. Here’s their entry for Things That Look Like Eric Pickles (current Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government)

And of course, a perennial favorite: The Walthamstow (it’s a suburb of London) tourist board’s Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses In Walthamstow

Do you have a favorite you’d like to add? Speak up!

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By Fraser McAlpine