R.I.P. Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees: Seven Great Performances

Robin Gibb in 2010. (Press Association via AP Images)

Robin Gibb, member of the hugely successful British band the Bee Gees, has died today (May 20) of cancer at 62, BBC News reports. With news of Donna Summer‘s death breaking on Friday, it has been a sad weekend for lovers of disco music.

Of course, the Brothers Gibb didn’t start as the flowing-haired, falsetto-voiced singers who defined the Saturday Night Fever era. They stood in the shadow of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as members of the British Invasion in the ’60s, but it was in that particular period that Robin stood out as a vocalist, his trademark vibrato bringing yearning and romance to the band’s compositions.

Here’s some of his best work with the Brothers Gibb:

“Massachusetts” (1967)

“New York Mining Disaster 1941″ (1967)

“I Started A Joke” (1968)


“I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You” on The Midnight Special in 1973

And some of his solo work:

Robin’s 1969 solo hit, “Saved By the Bell”

Robin Gibb singing his cover of The Beatles’ ‘Oh Darling’


“Juliet,” which was a hit in Europe in 1983

What was your favorite Robin Gibb moment? Tell us below:

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