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WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Star Matt Smith Carries the Olympic Flame

As we teased yesterday, Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith, in full tracksuit glory, carried the Olympic Torch in Cardiff today, completing a leg in the relay from BBC Wales’ Roath Lock Studios (where Who is filmed) to the Sennedd. A …

35 Years of ‘Star Wars': Five Great British Actors in the 1977 Classic

It was exactly 35 years ago today (May 25) that The Force was first with moviegoers. The original Star Wars — titled just plain Star Wars then but now known as Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope — invaded theaters on May …

Cannes: Jeremy Irons Talks ‘Trash’ at the Festival

Jeremy Irons has been in Cannes this week promoting Trashed — an ecological documentary warning of the hazards resulting from the irresponsible dumping of waste.

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Slitheen (or Raxacoricofallapatorians)

Let’s start with a point of cosmic etiquette: it is far more polite to refer to these baby-faced rotters, with their skin suits and unpleasant habits, as Raxacoricofallapatorians, as they are from the planet …

‘Downton Abbey’ Has Gone Absolutely Potty!

Take a breather, Downton Abbey fans. Other than a display of flower power, there’s not a lot happening on the news front for your favorite TV period drama this week.

Watch: Brand New ‘Doctor Who’ Olympic Adventure, Written By Children

Well this is all fairly self-explanatory. Basically there’s been a mini-episode of Doctor Who, written by the children of Ashdene School, in aid of the 2012 Olympics, and featuring the Doctor’s scariest of recent …

Happy Towel Day: 25 Douglas Adams Quotes To Live By

Probably the most famous single quote by Douglas Adams – former Doctor Who script writer, creator of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, novelist, naturalist, rationalist and fantasist of the highest order – is this: “I love …

‘Doctor Who’ Star Matt Smith to Carry Olympic Torch!

UPDATED: Matt Smith has completed his leg of the relay – watch video

Top Gear Thursday: Jeremy Clarkson Re-Enacts the Battle of Britain

“Putting an airplane engine in a car is idiotic,” says Jeremy Clarkson in next week’s episode of Top Gear, before he pauses a moment.

Everybody’s Got To Start Somewhere: Jeremy Irons

I offer this blog post as a message of hope and good will to anyone who would like to make more of their humble lot, but feels as though they have started at something of a disadvantage.