Happy 50th Birthday Craig Ferguson: His Top 5 ‘Doctor Who’ Moments

There’s two things we need to know about Craig Ferguson in order for this feature to work. Luckily, they’re not complicated:

Thing 1: It’s Craig’s 50th birthday today.

Thing 2: He quite likes a bit of Doctor Who.

So, as a tip of the hat to the great man and his myriad passions, here are five of his most celebrated Whovian moments on screen. You can add your own in the box underneath, should your personal favorite have been cruelly snubbed:

This one explains exactly what it is he likes about the show:

(Aside: And here’s why you may not have been able to see it at the time:)


Here’s Craig explaining the full horror of the Daleks:


Here’s what happens when Craig met the actual Doctor (or at least one of the times he did) and ended up rapping. Clearly this is a man who is very comfortable expressing his passion for science fiction in musical form:


What did we learn on the show tonight Craig?:


A subtle one this. Here’s Craig and former Sex Pistol Steve Jones, having a Scots punk-up with no real connection to Doctor Who whatsoev…oh hang on there it is:


Happy birthday, big man!

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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