Film Trailer Friday: New ‘Spider Man’ and ‘Ill Manors’ Trailers

Andrew Garfield in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

This probably isn’t going to become a thing, but there are two new film trailers doing the rounds which star notable British actors, one very expensive and inescapable, and one cheap and worthy.

The interesting thing is that the levels of criminality and violence are about equal, even though one feels much worse than the other.

So, first up, here’s the second trailer for The Amazing Spider Man, in which Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker as the kind of skinny dweeb girls do actually like. His Spider Man is equally skinny, which is great, especially after seeing Batman’s rubber muscle suit and restricted neck movement.Oh keep your eye out for Rhys Ifans too. We love him:

And after that ray gun to the face, here’s a punch in the kidneys to remind you of a few home truths. Plan B, the singer and rapper and actor, has finally finished Ill Manors, his film about consequences, and the trailer has just hit the web. The films theme song has already been a hit in the UK, not least because it mocks the way politicians demonise poor urban areas in order to harvest votes. This adds meaty context to the bones of protest (and is, needless to say, NSFW):

Should Spider Man be that skinny? Who the hell is Plan B? Questions and answers here, please:



Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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