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It was funny on paper.

In this week’s edition of Keeping up with the Crawleys, a public service offered by Anglophenia for enthusiasts of Downton Abbey, we offer two sets of videos spoofing your favorite, Emmy-winning period drama.

The first is part of an ongoing video series that uses the paper doll cutout figures of Downton characters offered at Vulture, New York magazine’s culture blog, to perform in faux-bonus episodes of the series.

Paper Doll Downton, Episode 1:

Paper Doll Downton, Episode 2:

Our final mash-up video, Brownton Abbey, was posted on YouTube back in November, presumably in England when Season Two was airing there. It is totally juvenile – it adds sound effects depicting Downton residents in a farting fever – but made us laugh. (Our favorite line: After a gaseous Lady Cora lets loose, husband Robert tells her, “If you’re turning American on me, I’ll go downstairs.”)

Warning: this one is definitely NSFW:


So, were these funny, yes or no?


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By Leah Rozen