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With BBC America’s new adventure cooking series No Kitchen Required premiering tonight (April 3) at 10/9c, we give you three more of our interviews with the foraging culinary competitors and host Shini Somara. In the show, chefs Kayne Raymond, Madison Cowan, and Michael Psilakis jet-set off to some of the most remote destinations of the globe, attempting to master each location’s native cuisine. They collect ingredients, braving the elements with often little more than a machete and a prayer, and prepare dishes without the comforts of a kitchen (hence the title). And the end of each show, their creations are judged by a panel of discerning locals.

But what are our crew’s thoughts on that most exotic of cuisines, British food? New Zealand chef Kayne Raymond offers his quite amusing take on British high tea:

Meanwhile, what would our group prepare for the British royal family? Greek-American restaurateur Michael Psilakis weighs in with his choice. (And he’s in luck, as the Duke of Edinburgh is Greek himself.)

Finally, Shini Somara provides a few tips on finding a good vantage point if you’re in London for the Olympics:

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