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The Brit List: Five Shocking British Transport Viral Videos

Here are five videos depicting some of the worst and most inconsiderate behaviour ever seen on British transport networks (roads mainly, and one from the London Underground), from the relatively silly to the downright mean.

Watch: Third Trailer For Pixar’s Scots Epic ‘Brave’

Another trailer has emerged for the new Disney-Pixar epic, Brave, in which Kelly McDonald voices the fierce daughter of a highland warrior, played by Billy Connolly.

Life Outside The TARDIS: Patrick Troughton

Whovians will tell you Patrick Troughton was the first Doctor to fully develop the character of the Doctor that we’re all familiar with today, making him flighty and mischievous, after William Hartnell’s stern, patrician …

WATCH: Emily Blunt on ‘The Most Raucous, Bawdy Movie’ She’s Ever Done

“It’s the most raucous, bawdy movie I’ve ever been a part of,” says British actress Emily Blunt, commenting on her new romantic comedy The Five-Year Engagement out this Friday (April 27).

Iconic British Things No.14: The Mini

It’s interesting to think that without the Suez Crisis in the late 1950s, a British design classic would never have been born. Never mind your Prius or hybrids, this is the first mass-marketed car which was designed to operate on …

Adele ‘Butterdance’ Video Explained

So there’s a mildly viral thing that’s doing the rounds in which a very stern faced lady in a little black dress and formal shoes attempts to perform a dance routine on top of a pile of butter, to the tune of “Someone …

The Brit List: 5 Gaffes and Goofs Made By British Politicians On-Camera

In recent years, it has become apparent that there is a reason why politicians have become less bothered about the actuality of their day to day work – the administration and facilitation of the communities they have been elected to …

Gallery: Britain’s Swankiest Luxury Cars

Time’s Up for ‘Upstairs Downstairs’

Fans of the revived Upstairs Downstairs will no longer be able to view the goings-on either upstairs or downstairs at 165 Eaton Place. The BBC has announced that the period drama, which aired the final episode of its second season in …

‘Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery Faces Serious Issue in British PSA

Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary Crawley on Downton Abbey, is currently starring in a new public service ad running in British cinemas that aims to raise awareness of discriminatory attitudes toward people with disfigurements.