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The Great British Songbook #9: ‘Teardrop’

It starts with a simple thought of arresting clarity, especially coming from a singer whose recorded career had largely been spent singing in a made-up language. Elizabeth Fraser, of the Cocteau Twins, coos a delicate “love, love …

The Brit List: Five Great British Songs In Praise Of America

Be warned: it’s not common for British songwriters to come out with a song which unabashedly says “BLIMEY! AMERICA IS FLIPPING BRILLIANT, ISN”T IT!?” and the reasons for this are twofold,

Anniversary Gallery: Will & Kate’s First Year of Marriage in Photos

Action Man Jason Statham: ‘I’m Not a Character Actor’

In his new action thriller Safe, Jason Statham plays an action man who shows a softer side. Commenting on the film, Statham says: “This has a real emotional pull.

Spotted in Scotland: Craig Ferguson… and a TARDIS?

This is a hoot-and-a-half.

Is It ‘Safe’? Yes, With Hard-Bodied Jason Statham

If an aging Sean Connery, once he ditched his toupee, paved the way for making going bald look sexy, Jason Statham is turning the Scotsman’s path into a superhighway.

Matt Smith Lends His Voice To UK Disney Poetry Show

The British version of the Disney Junior channel is set to launch A Poem Is, a new show designed to create a love of poetry among younger viewers, and in order to do this, they’ve enlisted some fairly astonishing UK talent.

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Zygons

Sometimes the fact that Doctor Who is supposed to be a family-oriented TV show, designed to be watched on a Saturday evening around a picnic tea, blows the mind. Take the eponymous monsters in the Fourth Doctor’s Scottish romp …

The Brit List: Five Up-and-Coming Female Comedians

This Saturday sees the BBC America premiere of the second season of Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show (12:40am / 11:40c) , and, inspired by her mighty works, here’s a list of five other female comedians who are currently doing the …

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond Says NASCAR Driving is ‘Like Climbing into the Belly of a Dragon’

It seems as though Richard Hammond has become Top Gear’s go-to guy for anything about cars – or about life, for that matter – in these former British colonies.