WATCH: Fancy A Time-Lapse Tour Of Tiny Hogwarts?

Any Harry Potter fans planning a trip to London this year? Make sure you make time for the Making Of Harry Potter studio tour that Warner Bros have put together. If nothing else, you’ll get to see the model of Hogwarts castle which has appeared in almost all the films, lit on a continuous four-minute loop of glorious daytime and magical nighttime.

The studio claim it took “74 years worth of man power to create,” which is equal to one year of 74-man power, I suppose. And of course every new film required additions and changes to be made, in order to digitally scan the model and insert it into the film using CGI. So while it will have been easier to construct than an actual magical castle, it is maybe not THAT much easier.

Anyway, here’s a nifty time-lapse video of the model being constructed. The music is perhaps a smidge over the top:

For more information on the Harry Potter tour, go to

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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