WATCH: Crufts Run Spoiled By Desperate Dog

Dog shows are amazing, aren’t they? Man’s best friend working in perfect harmony with his or her owner, whooshing round a set of obstacles like Speedy Gonzales and screeching to a halt just in time to receive a doggy treat and  a pat on the head. Gripping, and pointless, all at the same time.

The UK has just finished Crufts, probably one of the most famous dog shows in the world, and one which is televised every year, which is why we are able to bring you this moment, courtesy of Steven Richardson from Cumbria, and his dog No Worries Sweeps Dream, an agility champion, no less.

See if you can spot the point at which the rapport between dog and human breaks down:

Incidentally, the voice you can hear commentating there is none other than Peter Purves, known to Whovians the world over as Steven, companion to the First Doctor.


Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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