So You Think You Know The British?

Procrastination fans! It’s time to play a devilishly simple game that will simply eat up those ‘spare’ minutes before your next job.

This Is Why You’re British is a one-page website, which contains very little except a quote and a button. Press the button, and you get a new quote. All of the quotes are commonly-expressed truisms about the British. Some of them are true, some of them are not, but they have all come from the mouths and minds and stereoptypes of British people at some point or another.

All you do is read the quote, then click on the button underneath for another one. The button has been cunningly decorated with words that mean “I agree” – like “jolly good!” and “ace!” – as well as words that mean “I do not agree” – namely “that’s bollocks!”

I’m particularly fond of these three:

“Being taught how to make a cup of tea is the single most valuable life skill you learned as a child.”


“You think bringing your dog to the pub is completely normal.”

and best of all:

“You feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to do when people talk about their emotions.”

Go and have a wallow. I guarantee you’ll feel more British by the end of it. Or more sorry for those poor rogues who happen to be afflicted with Britishness, at any rate.


Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser is a British writer, broadcaster and the the author of the book Stuff Brits Like. He is Anglophenia's resident Brit blogger, having written BBC Radio 1's Chart Blog, the Top of the Pops website, and for NME, the Guardian and elsewhere. Favorite topics include slang, Doctor Who and cramming as much music into Anglophenia as he can manage. He invites you to join him on Twitter: @csi_popmusic
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