‘Doctor Who’ Convention Report: An Ood Awakening

The Millennium Centre, Cardiff (Before The Queues)

It begins on a preposterously sunny morning in Cardiff, Wales, in front of their very imposing Millennium Centre. There are signs dotted around which give clues that today is not going to be ordinary. One says “Silurians Queue Here,” another says the same for Oods, there’s even a tall sign advertising “TARDIS set tours,” but it has fallen over. Something is about to happen.

And then, people start to arrive. Some dressed as the Doctor, some dressed as monsters, the most frightening of all dressed as normal people, people like you and me. You’d never even KNOW they were (whisper it) Whovians.

Doctor Queue

And then before you know it there’s a deluge…

The Doctor, River and Amy

Apparently this is normal everyday wear in Cardiff…

A lot of tweed going on…

Some fezzes

And then. OH MY WORD!

And finally *RUNS AWAY*

Part two: The Pan(el)dorica Opens

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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