‘Doctor Who’ Convention Report 6 (Day 2): A Tour Of The TARDIS

Forgive me if this post is a little light on text. I’m still a little giddy. Basically I went on a tour of the TARDIS set this afternoon, and we were allowed to touch the console and everything. THE. ACTUAL. TARDIS. SET.

So, here are just a few snaps of the stuff which has been been used to create the console. It is, in many ways, a junkshop rummage made into a spaceship, reflecting the mind of the man who flies it.

See? Space hotel bell, space tannoy microphone…

Useful for when the Doctor does his accounts

Notice the plaque there on the side of the console, at the bottom? This is what it says:

Here’s how the Doctor watches Doctor Who:

And of course, there’s the mighty column in the centre:

Complete with a horn and a bell:

And here’s the underneath area:

And look! A fresh wall we’ve not seen before:

There’s are too many things to show pictures of here, but suffice to say the Doctor has a rubber mallet on a string hanging from the console, and underneath are two bass drum pedals (without beaters) and a footpump, of the sort you’d use to inflate a blow-up mattress. Or at least, there are items that resemble these things, but that probably serve a far more technologically advanced purpose.

Let her rip, Cosplay Amy!

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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