‘Doctor Who’ Convention Report 3: Too Hot For Cosplay

At the end of Day 1 of the Doctor Who Convention, what have we learned?

Oh sure, we saw Matt and Karen and Arthur and Steven and Caroline and the script-writers and producers and directors and costume-makers and make-up artists and props designers and pretty much everyone else associated with the show, and tbey were all fantastic. But the real stars were those hardy souls who elected to experience the entire kit and caboodle while wearing fancy dress, on a boiling hot spring day.

This is dedication beyond the cause of duty, this is sacrifice beyond that which is normally demanded, and such sacrifices must be recognised and applauded.

These then, are the Prime Whovians, and they should be saluted, rewarded, appreciated and cherished.

Like the girl wearing the amazing Dalek Burqa, or this soon-to-be Impossibly Hot Astronaut:

Or this handsome trio.

Or these equally fine gentlemen. The Six Doctors:

Or Tweedy-dum and Tweedy-dee:

Must be time for Elevensies:

And we all know what the Doctor calls the TARDIS in private, right?


“Get off my FOOT, SIMON!”

Note: OK, so that last one isn’t technically cosplay.

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Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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