Doctor Who Convention: Matt & Karen On Cosplay And The Death Of Tweed

See that bag behind Matt Smith and Karen Gillan? That’s my bag. That really shouldn’t be in this film at all. In the rush and fluster of getting to talk for a few minutes to the actual Doctor from Doctor Who (and his delightful companion), about the Doctor Who Convention, and the wondrous costumes people were wearing, I completely forgot to move it.

So, in the first of a series of interviews I did with the stars of the show, on-screen and off, here’s Matt and Karen discussing cosplay, how hard it is to recognize an Amy when you see one, and why Matt can’t wear tweed, but Karen can.

But most of all, here’s my bag. It’s FAMOUS:

Coming soon: More Matt and Karen, Steven Moffatt, Mark Sheppard and an easily offended Dalek.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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