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Doctor Who Convention: So What’s Karen Gillan’s Advice For Jenna-Louise Coleman?

Here’s the second part of our interview with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, in which both discuss what life is going to be like for Jenna-Louise Coleman when she takes up her position aboard the TARDIS.

A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Liz Shaw

Hats off to whichever Doctor Who script-writer who came up with the idea of exiling the Doctor to Earth and having him work for UNIT at the beginning of his third incarnation. Especially the Third Doctor.

Rob Zombie Impersonates Tom Baker…Ish

Our friends over at the Nerdist Channel have released this video to promote Rob Zombie’s new show, in which the Grizzled Dead Mountain Bear of Rock and Films (no trademark, I just made it up) waggles a Fourth Doctor doll in front …

WATCH: Is ‘Wrath of the Titans’ Critic-Proof? Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington Respond

Liam Neeson, who returns at the Greek god Zeus in Wrath of the Titans, maintains the film is “solid entertainment.”

The Brit List: ‘Wrath of the Titans,’ ‘No Kitchen Required,’ Lily Collins (March 30, 2012)

Against all odds, Phil Collins‘ daughter could become a bonafide movie star. Plus: a swords-and-sandals epic loaded with Brits — will wonders never cease?

Doctor Who Convention: Matt & Karen On Cosplay And The Death Of Tweed

See that bag behind Matt Smith and Karen Gillan? That’s my bag.

Top Gear Thursday: British ‘Mad Men’ Season Premiere Included Original 1960s Car Ads

When the fifth season of Mad Men premiered in Britain this week, the show aired with original ads from the 1960s, the time period in which the show is set. Top Gear.

What Is Ricky Gervais Doing NOW?

This picture is taken from the pilot episode of the new Ricky Gervais comedy Derek. It was directed by Ricky, written by Ricky, and stars Ricky as Derek Noakes, a character he developed around the same time as David Brent (who was just …

A Tribute To Earl Scruggs: Billy Connolly Plays ‘Cripple Creek’

The magnificent Earl Scruggs, bluegrass banjo player and (with his late partner Lester Flatt) country music cornerstone, passed away yesterday at the age of 88.

The Brit List: Interview with Kevin Macdonald on Bob Marley at SXSW

Previously, Kevin Macdonald spoke with us about his new Bob Marley documentary simply titled Marley. But The Last King of Scotland director also appeared at this year’s South By Southwest in Texas, where the film made its …