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Note: THIS is Paul McCartney (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

Last night, the Grammy awards threw up not one, not two but THREE threads of total Twitter insanity, coming largely from the internal monologues of people who haven’t really been paying attention at the university of life.

The first came when the artist Bon Iver (pronounced “bonn-ee vair”) went up to collect his Best New Artist award. Outraged fans of the other nominees on the list were quick to wonder about this shambling hobo figure and who he might be. Their thoughts have been collected on the Tumblr feed Who Is Bon Iver?, and apart from the accusations of institutionalised racism among the Grammy panel (clearly his work with Kanye West has gone unnoticed), the biggest laugh comes from the discovery that a lot of people believe he is called Bonny Bear.

Then there was the outright disturbing discovery that a LOT of women had taken to Twitter to make the same worrying joke about Chris Brown. Yes, it’s a measure of his impact as a performer and so it’s hard to imagine anyone means it literally, but still…EESH!

But in terms of cultural ignorance, on a scale far exceeding that of either Bonny Bear or “haha Chris Brown’s a wife-beater,” you’ve got all the people who took to Twitter last night to gather around the same pivot of ignorance, the same point of huh? singularity.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you “who is Paul McCartney?”

Well done, everyone!

(Thanks to Buzzfeed for highlighting all of the idiocy)

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By Fraser McAlpine