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The Simpsons

There are a LOT of these sorts of videos on YouTube, in which an instrumentalist with a lot of talent (but not very many musical mates) performs the parlour trick of blamming out a well known and quite fiddly piece of music on a modern day rock instrument. If it has a word, and it doesn’t, it should be called Malmsteening, after the pioneering work of the tiresome plank-spanking Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, whose life’s work appears to have been finding the fastest and fiddliest sections from classical music and enmetallificating them, for reasons best known to himself.

So here is British bass player Stuart Clayton Malmsteening the hell out of the Simpsons theme. And doing a bang-up job of it too:

Now, I dunno about you, but the problem for me is, while this one-man-band thing is undoubtedly impressive as a feat of performance (and Stuart himself is clearly a most accomplished musician), as a work of music, it’s less satisfying than hearing an ensemble. I’ve never yet seen someone do this without thinking “yeah, but if you just got in another couple of instruments, it’d sound better and you’d be less stressed.”

Ultimately, it says more about the mastery of musical technique than it does about the job of playing an instrument, which is to relay emotion. So the only possible emotional response is “oh well done!” but not “ahh! How wonderful.”

So, well done!

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By Fraser McAlpine