Katy Perry Divorces Russell Brand With A Love Heart And A Smiley

Katy Perry's signature

A signature must have a very different meaning when you’re in the public eye. People asking for autographs all the time, it can’t feel like you’re giving as big an assurance of your word as it does to those of us who only write our name on checks and contracts.

Still, it’s fascinating to note that, according to documents obtained by Radar Online, Katy Perry, when signing her divorce papers from Russell Brand, chose to do so with a smiley face AND a love heart, as if these very solemn papers were some kind of friendly note to a fan.

The Brands divorce will not be finalised until July 14th, under California law, and it’s understood that Russell has waived all claims on Katy’s pop star millions, as a gesture of gentlemanly good will. His film millions are presumably more than enough.

Smiley faces all round, then.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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