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Russell Tovey

Well this one’s fairly obvious, isn’t it? Russell played George in Being Human and the pure-hearted Midshipman Frame, last skipper of the Titanic, in Doctor Who. He was then subsequently picked up in a bar (with the Tenth Doctor’s assistance) by Captain Jack Harkness and whisked away for, well, never you mind. He’s also in astonishing TV comedies Gavin & Stacey, and Him & Her, has appeared in movies such as The History Boys and Huge. But just you wait until you see his stunning appearance in Sherlock Season 2.

Lenora Critchlow

Another fairly high-profile crossover here. Annie from Being Human is also Cheen, Martha Jones’s travelling companion in the Who story Gridlock. Lenora’s first big British role was in the pre-Skins teen drama Sugar Rush, where she played Sugar, the wild child love interest in a story of a young girl’s sexual awakening. The anti-Annie, in other words.

Sinead Keenan

This clip seems relevant, in that Sinead – who gives such a convincing performance as the strident English nurse Nina that a lot of people had no idea of her true accent – gives tips on the actor’s life, and maybe that middle bit, the bit about finding a job that doesn’t eke away at your soul, is the key detail to remember when you consider that her starring role in Doctor Who was as the cactus-headed alien Addams, from whose ship the Tenth Doctor plummets to Earth in his final adventure The End of Time. Either that or she just REALLY wanted to meet David Tennant.

Dean Lennox Kelly

An unforgettable turn as the bearded William Shakespeare in Doctor Who, all flirty and charming, and another remarkable role in Being Human as the roguish werewolf Tully, the man who teaches George the practicalities of dealing with his condition, but also makes a thorough pest of himself in doing so. Dean’s next role will be the voice of John Lennon, another loveable rogue, in the remake of the Beatles film Yellow Submarine.

Donald Sumpter
Veteran actor Donald is always brought in to British dramas to add a touch of queasy charisma, often with evil intent. His astonishing turn as Kemp, the man with the werewolf ‘cure’ in Being Human follows a long and distinguished dramatic career, including appearances in TV dramas such as Merlin, MI5, Game of Thrones, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and movies like Enigma and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And he appeared in two Doctor Who stories, going way back into the earliest days of the show. He’s Enrico Casali in the Second Doctor’s Cyberman adventure The Wheel In Space, and Commander Ridgeway, assisting the Third Doctor against The Sea Devils (about 5:45 in this clip).

BEST FACT OF ALL: Donald Sumpter also makes an appearance in the Robin Williams movie Being Human. He wins!

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By Fraser McAlpine