20 Stars Of ‘Doctor Who’ On Twitter

Karen Gillan, who it turns out very much ISN'T on Twitter (see comments below)

Twitter is a wonder of modern communication, of this we can be in no doubt. How else could you possibly discover a whole range of relatively trivial everyday information about people in the public eye, while watching them chat to friends and colleagues, and sometimes striking up conversations with them (if you are lucky), without risking some kind of court order? Nowhere, that’s where.

Of course, if you’re a new Whovian to the world of social media, or haven’t thought about who to look up, here’s a brief guide to help you on your way.

Note: currently, Matt Smith isn’t on Twitter, nor is David Tennant. Christopher Eccleston dipped a toe in for a while, and then abandoned it. But they may all come around eventually.

First, a brief sample of some of the veterans of classic Doctor Who who are actively available. And by brief I mean these are the only two I could find:

Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor, no less) – @sawboneshex

Frazer Hines (the ever-faithful Jamie) – @WhoFrazer

and now on to the faces of nowadays. These people need no introduction, right?

Arthur Darvill@rattyburvil

James Corden@jkcorden

John Barrowman@team_barrowman

John Simm@john_simm

Noel Clarke@NoelClarke

Now a brief excursion into the backstage area, for the writers and producers:

Steven Moffat@steven_moffat

Mark Gatiss@markgatiss

Neil Gaiman@neilhimself

James Moran – @jamesmoran

Jason Arnopp@jasonarnopp

And not forgetting the musical genius behind the show’s recent hits:

Murray Gold@murraygold

And here’s a selection of prominent British guest stars:

Tracey Ann Obermann (the weeping Cyberman) – @TracyAnnO

Alexander Armstrong (Mr Smith) – @xanderarmstrong

Simon Pegg (y’know…SIMON PEGG) – @simonpegg

Anthony Head (Buffy’s mate) – @anthonyshead

David Walliams (he’s a Little British) – @davidwalliams

And for our final two, here are two absolute Who heroes who should perhaps consider updating their feed a little more often:

Billie Piper@billiepiper

Bernard Cribbins@bernardcribbins

Who have you found? Tell us here:

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