Monthly Archives: January 2012

Fraser’s Phrases: Horses for Courses

Don’t you just love banal language? I do.

The Brit List: Interview with Andrea Riseborough from ‘W.E.’

Buzzed-about British actress Andrea Riseborough talks to The Brit List’s Asha Leo about her role as Wallis Simpson in W.E. and working with the film’s director Madonna.

Top Gear Thursday: Trailer Trashed – 10 Milllion Facebook Fans Can’t Be Wrong

To paraphrase those Flintstones vitamin commercials of yesteryear, the Top Gear nation is 10 million strong and growing.

The Brit List: Interview with Christopher Plummer, Oscar Nominee for ‘Beginners’

Christopher Plummer is a favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as an elderly man coming out as gay in the film Beginners. The star talked to The Brit List’s Asha Leo at the BAFTA Tea Party in Los …

The Brit List: Interview with Shailene Woodley from ‘The Descendants’

The Brit List’s Asha Leo chats with The Descendants actress Shailene Woodley about working with the film’s Oscar-nominated star George Clooney.

Confirmed: Next ‘Luther’ Miniseries to Premiere in Dramaville

BBC America has announced that it will co-produce the third installment of Luther, the crime drama that recently won a Golden Globe for star Idris Elba. The four-part miniseries is set to premiere as part of BBC America’s …

Doctor Who And The Reusable Actors: Parts 1 – 10

Have no fear, we do not come here to mock, but to praise. When you think about the rate at which Doctor Who chews up actors – a fresh batch for each new adventure, most of which will be buried under latex or metal – it should be no …

Peter Jackson: ‘Hobbit’ Films Set to Wrap Shooting in July

In just a few days, filmmaker Peter Jackson will return to the Hobbit movies after spending a brief time at the Sundance Film Festival promoting the documentary West of Memphis, which he co-produced.

Happy 70th Birthday, ‘Desert Island Discs’

Never mind Doctor Who and the paltry 50 years (not counting breaks) that it has graced the TV schedules, this weekend sees an anniversary of even greater magnitude, one which can lay claim to an equally strong grip on the public …

The Brit List: Interview with Octavia Spencer, Oscar Nominee for ‘The Help’

Octavia Spencer is the odds-on favorite for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her scene-stealing turn in The Help. But after accolades for her appearance in a period drama, Spencer tells The Brit List‘s Asha Leo that she’s …