Meet Hal, ‘Being Human’s Oldest New Vampire In Town

Annie's new gang (l-r: Hal, Annie, Tom)

Fans of the UK version of ‘Being Human’ may already know the upheavals at the end of series three are set to continue into series four, with the departure of Nina, played by Sinead Keenan, and only a brief appearance from Russell Tovey’s character George. As Mitchell (played by Aiden Turner) has already sacrificed himself, this just leaves poor ghostly Annie (Lenora Critchlow) on her own.

However, all is not lost. She’s rejoined by Tom, the young werewolf played by Michael Socha, and makes a new vampire buddy, one of the ‘old ones.’ His name is Hal and he’s played by Damien Moloney, who has been described by the show’s creator, Toby Whithouse as being “one of the most exciting and versatile actors of his generation. Watching his performance grow over the filming was a joy.”

He explained to the NME: “We saw series four as an opportunity: we could invent new characters, expand the show in different directions, create new worlds and monsters and heroes, and add new layers to the overarching Being Human mythology.”

And here’s a little prequel, it’s Hal, in his prime, having a sudden attack of conscience:

Season four will be appearing on BBC America later this year.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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