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On Day 9, We Asked… “What’s your favorite Dalek scene, and why?”

And The Winner Is… Erika L. Statler!

“While I do love the scene in the episode, ‘Victory of the Daleks,’ seeing a Dalek offer the Doctor some tea … that’s nothing compared to seeing a Dalek engulf a whole man in order to evolve in the episode ‘Daleks in Manhattan’/’Evolution of the Daleks.’

“Admittedly, the first time I saw a Dalek, I literally thought, ‘How is this thing supposed to be scary? It’s got a toilet plunger on it!’ The digitized voice didn’t help instill fear of the Daleks into me either. Then, I saw one basically vaporize a person with it’s laser and I thought, ‘Oh! They have some bad-assness!’ but they still weren’t scary…

“Then, the 10th Doctor took Martha back to 1930s Manhattan during the Great Depression and Dalek Sec was putting into motion his plan to continue the Dalek race by evolving (i.e., merging with a human). When the canister holding Dalek Sec opened and his tentacles reached out and grabbed Mr. Diagoras and then Dalek Sec engulfed him like a jellyfish grabbing a fish and bringing it into its maw for digestion, I was freaked out! Until that moment, I’d always thought Daleks without the machines around them would be as helpless as, say, a beached jellyfish; not the case.

“I’m still a little queasy after watching that again from the rerun that was on BBC America last night. I’d never forgotten that scene, but it was jarring to reminded of why Daleks now scare me.”

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By Sharon Stimpfle