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On Day 2, We Asked… “The Eleventh Doctor loves his bowties! If you were a Time Lord, what would your signiture piece be and why?”

And The Winner Is… Caitlyn Kelleher!

“If I were a Time Lord, my signature piece would be vests. Why?

“FACT NUMBER ONE ABOUT VESTS: You put one on, INSTANTLY DAPPER. That’s just a fact about vests. They up your dapper in less than a millisecond after you’ve put it on. Even just touching one gives you a boost.

“FACT NUMBER TWO ABOUT VESTS: They keep your torso warm without all those pesky sleeves getting in the way. “I’m a Time Lord, I’ve got things to do, I don’t have time to be constantly rolling up my sleeves to get to work on my TARDIS/this machine thing/fighting Daleks, I need them out of the way. Oh, they fixed that problem? How?” VESTS.

“FACT NUMBER THREE ABOUT VESTS: They come in different colors and styles to suit your fashion needs. Like wearing simple button downs? Simple black or grey vest. It worked for Jack Harkness, it’ll work for you. Like wearing warm, long-sleeved shirts? Toss a sweater vest on that torso and you’re in business. With so many style options, it’s no wonder vests are the best thing to hit this universe since a fez.


“Basically… Vests.”

Congratulations! You’ve won an 11th Doctor’s Suit T-shirt!

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By Sharon Stimpfle