Believe It Or Not, This Icky Robot Skeleton Baby Is British

Say hello to Nigel Fotherington Cyborg, the newest member of the Northamptonshire Cyborg family.

Actually (and yes, we know you know this already), it’s a special effect baby, which has yet to be given its rubber skin. But just look at it! Is that not among the creepiest things you’ve ever seen?

It’s been made by the effects builder Chris Clarke for the UK-based CNFX Workshop, and is intended for what the YouTube feed on which it is found calls “an anonymous TV show” . You may remember some of CNFX’s work on such movies as Resident Evil (they did the Licker) and poor Russell Tovey’s werewolf transformation in Being Human.

Don’t have nightmares…

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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