Monthly Archives: January 2012

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: ‘Big Bang Theory’ Shouts Out to the Time Lord

We’ve witnessed myriad references to Doctor Who on American television this past year – on Community, Grey’s Anatomy, Free Agents, Criminal Minds, and Supernatural, just to name a few of the series that have …

Five Great Ringo Starr Songs

It is all go in Beatleworld at the moment, with Sir Paul McCartney’s new album out next week and Ringo Starr’s latest, the imaginatively-titled “Ringo 2012″ out today. But while we’re all sure what Sir …

Moviegoers in Liverpool Complain that ‘The Artist’ is a Silent Movie

Many of us Americans have an inferiority complex when it comes to the British. Whether it’s their accents or their unrelenting and devastating use of irony, there are those of us on this side of the pond who instinctively assume that …

Hairy Potter: Daniel Radcliffe Told To Leave Himself Untrimmed

I know we’ve said this before in the context of the quotes Daniel Radcliffe is happily giving to media publications these days, but this is an open plea to everyone, not just Harry Potter fans: please don’t read this story, …

Royal Roundup: Prince Harry Says the Queen Needs Prince Philip at Her Side


Shirley MacLaine to Join ‘Downton Abbey’ for Season 3

Here’s reason for cheering long and loudly. Veteran actress, Oscar-winner, and bestselling author Shirley MacLaine, 77, is bringing her special brand of kooky joie de vivre to Downton Abbey.

The Brit List: Interview with Damian Lewis from ‘Homeland’

Is he a terrorist? Is he a hero? The Brit List’s Asha Leo talks to Damian Lewis, star of the acclaimed Homeland, about his enigmatic, Golden Globe-nominated role.

Five Appalling Alan Rickman Oscar Snubs

Last week, Gary Oldman ended his three-decade reign as Oscar’s most perennially snubbed talent, scoring a nomination for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Paul McCartney Is Back And Making Mischief

Sir Paul McCartney has a new album out next week, in which he pays tribute to the masters of romantic songwriting from the era before his own, with a little help from such friends as Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Diana Krall. But …

Five Bizarre Things About British Television

British TV is just like American TV, except the accents are different. And there are fewer shows about animals doing funny things.