WATCH: Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta Jones In ‘Rock Of Ages’ Trailer

Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx in 'Rock of Ages'

Well now here’s a trailer that creates more questions than it answers. For example: Russell Brand, is he always going to play a rock star (or a millionaire who acts like a rock star) in films? Is Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise’s character) named after the Blur song “Tracey Jacks”? And also, isn’t Tom a little long in the tooth to be playing a leonine rock star at the peak of his fame (even though he’s clearly very good at it)?

It’s ‘Rock Of Ages’ the broadway musical which ramraided the back catalogue of a bunch of FM radio rock bands and stitched the songs into a narrative about censorship and the ’80s. And now it’s a film (and yes, it’s probably going to be a bit daft).

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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