WATCH: Neil Gaiman Reveals His Favorite ‘Doctor Who’ Moments of 2011

Neil Gaiman (left) on the set of 'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Royal Pain in the News'

In our quest to name the very best Doctor Who moments of 2011, we sought out one particularly famous fan: Mr. Neil Gaiman himself. Yes, THE Neil Gaiman, the best-selling novelist and the man who wrote the much-beloved Season Six episode, “The Doctor’s Wife,” featuring a female embodiment of the TARDIS.

Our crew visited Mr. Gaiman on the set of BBC America’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!: Royal Pain in the News special, on which he’ll appear as a guest on the Friday, December 23 premiere at 8/7c. Watch as he reveals his favorite Doctor Who moments from Season Six in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip. He describes one episode as having “sheer barking-mad, screwball audacity.”

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Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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