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Top 5 Nerdist Podcasts of 2011: No. 1, Science!

It should not be all that surprising that when I asked our readers at for their favorite Nerdist Podcasts of 2011, the episode getting the most mentions featured a real-life astrophysicist.

Your Best ‘Doctor Who’ Moments Of 2011

A couple of weeks ago, we asked Anglophenians to vote on your favorite moment from the last season of Doctor Who. Having compiled the votes, just in time for Nerdist Week, we are now proud to present, in reverse order, your best bits …

Five Great Inventive British Videos Of 2011

Welcome back to our Nerdist Week roundup of everything nerdy, and very probably British, that has happened over the last 12 months or so.

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond’s ‘Mid-Life Crisis in Reverse’

• Richard Hammond says he’s had his mid-life crisis and it’s been terrific for him. The Mirror, which ran a wide-ranging interview with Hammond this week, says it’s more of a “mid-life crisis in reverse.

Top 5 Nerdist Podcasts of 2011: No. 2, Think, McFly! Think!

Thomas F. Wilson — call him Tom — is a comedian, a musician, and an artist.

Infamous British Political Scandals: The Curious Case of John Stonehouse

As BBC America airs the drama State of Play (Wednesdays, 10p/9c), Anglophenia takes a look back at some of Britain’s most explosive real-life political scandals.

Actor Jamie Bell on Tintin’s Newest Adventure – Winning Over American Audiences

The Adventures of Tintin opens in U.S. cinemas today (Dec.

Ten Bizarre British Stories of 2011


Well here we are, deep in the middle of Nerdist Week, and looking back over an astonishing year for strange items of news. All sorts of strangely noteworthy events have occurred all over the world, and so, to celebrate the British …

‘Tattoo’ vs. ‘Tintin': Which Holiday Movie Will Get Your Cash?

Both feature Daniel Craig, both are adaptations from very popular source material, and both have real shots at Oscars this year. But that’s where the similarities end for two major releases out now, David Fincher‘s bleak, …

Stephen Merchant: ‘You Can’t Have a President Called Newt!’

Ricky Gervais‘s long-time collaborator Stephen Merchant is in New York this week with his first ever stand-up comedy tour, Stephen Merchant Live: Hello Ladies. Before his first performance at Manhattan’s Town Hall this week …