Monthly Archives: December 2011

Fraser’s Phrases: Class of 2012

We spend a lot of time looking at archaic expressions here, but as we’re about to enter into an entirely new year, it’s a good time to refresh the vocab a little bit. So let’s have a look at some of the newer bits of …

The Incredible Shrinking Jude Law

Remember when Jude Law was hot? And not just hunky looking but rather hot as in his status as a leading man was soaring. Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

Royal Roundup: A Windsor Family Christmas

Those royalty lessons Kate’s been getting must be working. The Duchess hasn’t made a misstep yet, though of course that might have just as much to do with her own innate poise and finely-tuned sensibilities as with any royal …

The ‘Wait, Wait’ is Almost Over, Over


ANGLOPHENIA HOST #1: If Anglophenia had a radio presence, we imagine it might sound something like a combination of the BBC (obviously) and National Public Radio, a sort of transatlantic sensibility tempered by a transcontinental sense …