Now THIS Is How To Celebrate Christmas

Sylvia Pope and her enormous bauble collection (Rex Features, via AP)

Some people don’t quite know how to stop, when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Say hello to Sylvia Pope, from Swansea in Wales. You’ll have noticed all the festive baubles above her head? Well there’s 1,700 of them, and its looking quite likely that they’re never coming back down, especially as she started putting them up there in September.

Every year Sylvia adds to her collection by spending about $150, and she’s happy to travel in order to meet her craving. Her two favorite trips so far have been Macy’s (an overwhelming choice, apparently. She came home with 30 baubles in a new bag) and Harrods (£14 each. That’s over $20!)

She told the Mirror: “I’ve got some little fairy lights in the corners of the room, on the hearth and out in the conservatory – but the balls on the ceiling are the main feature. It’s just nice and cosy for Christmas.”

Is anyone else thinking it would just take one big sneeze to destroy the lot?

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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