Will You Still Love Robert Pattinson Tomorrow?

Poor Robert Pattinson, he’s got the final installment of the Twilight series just about to come out, this should be his moment of total triumph, and what is he doing? Worrying about the future. In particular he’s worrying that he’ll never get any more work once the series is over.

Specifically, he’s concerned that the films he makes from now on have to be successes, probably on a par with Twilight, if he is to avoid being typecast as a snaggletoothed vampire fella. This is not something he has had to bother his pretty head with until now, as he told the Observer:

“I had a three- or four-month window between each [Twilight film] during which I could do another job. But whatever I did, I knew that I’d have another Twilight movie on the way, which is theoretically guaranteed to make a lot of money. So I could always afford to fail.”

Not that Water for Elephants did badly, or indeed his role as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.

As with anyone who now realises they’ve created a legacy for themselves, the concern is what that legacy will be: “If I do decide one day to stop acting, I just hate the idea of people going: ‘Oh, did you ever do anything else besides that Twilight thing?'”

Which is not, it’s fair to say, the kind of problem you or I have to worry about.

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